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Personal Development from Home – Using the ChApp

New Work and the term Home Office are topics that challenge managers in completely new ways, not only in times of the corona virus. But especially under the current circumstances, meeting these challenges is the number one priority. And in this specific context, our app with over 100 lessons around topics such as “personal development”, “management”, as well as “virtual cooperation”, turns an uncommon overall situation into a chance:

  • Over 100 3-minute audio-visual inputs
  • In-App chat forum where employees can interchange ideas and thoughts
  • Little challenges that motivate the user to try out the acquired knowledge in practice

As much as change intimidates people, especially these times of upheaval bring the opportunity of awakening – towards more percipience, more understanding, as well as to more ability to make progress.

To make this step as easy as possible, during the current time of crisis we offer the ChApp for 2 months completely free of charge for organizations with more than 300 employees. It can be downloaded very easily via the Appstore and the Google Playstore. We will send the activation codes to you via email.

Fill out the contact form and accompany your teams using the ChApp. In the following, you will receive further information on why and how the ChApp can be of helpful aid for your teams.

Among others, these customers benefit from the ChApp

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The ChApp in Classic Change Management

We use change management to help our clients master change challenges – typically within a period of 18 to 36 months. Change management comprises the structured administration of a range of methods that help people want to, can, may, and must change their mindsets and behavior.

Change Management’s Core Elements

What is our approach? Pragmatic diagnostics, e.g., using confidential depth interviews, and goal-oriented communication, e.g., in creative and interactive large group events, are indispensable for every change process. Conception and realization of actions like “What does it mean for me?” workshops, individual and team coachings, the adaptation of incentive and compensation systems or job descriptions vary with the business topic that is the background of the change.

The ChApp (Change App) in Change Management

The ChApp accompanies your entire change process. It covers, for instance, the content of the workshops, as well as the individual coaching and team coaching. After each session, the deepening of specific topics is made possible by using the ChApp. Audio-visual inputs with thought-provoking impulses and challenges help with immediately transferring the content into the work routine. The topics within the ChApp are versatile and can be adapted to your individual needs.

The ChApp in agile Transformations

Agile transformation and thereby the introduction of an agile working mode promise higher efficiency and customer satisfaction on the long run. However, for renowned businesses, short-term agile transformation poses a challenge. Balance of power, structures, tasks and areas of responsibility are redefined. This results in uncertainty at all levels: at the level of attitude and behavior, at the level of processes, as well as at management level, team level, and customer level.

Development of an Agile Mindset simultaneously to Agile Methods: The ChApp Helping with Agile Transformation

The new way of working might not be compatible with the existing culture. However, there are many different options to generate organizational cultures to be more open to agility. An agile organizational culture is based on values such as transparency and principles such as self-organization. The ChApp offers several lessons dealing with agile assets and principles. These assets and principles are systematically supported and encouraged through agile functioning and method frameworks like Scrum or Kanban. Cultural change can be encouraged in different ways. The essence lies in starting with small behavioral changes within oneself and sticking to those long-term. For entire units or organizations, a change program is needed, and this can be supported by the ChApp. The topic agility includes 22 campaigns with a collection of 90 lessons. Thus, agile transformation can be initiated on a smartphone in an easy and instructive way.

The ChApp in Topteam Development

Based on pragmatic diagnosis, multi-day topteam trainings at extraordinary locations are combined with measures in daily business (such as meeting shadowing, team coaching, and optional individual coaching). The topteam is bound together and pushes its cooperation to the top performance level possible all members already possess as individuals.

To achieve this, the topteam needs to allow itself to go through a real team development process. Investing time in this process is one of the best choices a company and a topteam can make. That implies working intensely on the team’s cooperation over a period of 6 to 12 months with intermittent interventions. No worries, appetite comes with eating because at the beginning, topteams often are not ready to commit to such a process.​

Digital Support in Journey Process

Soft Skills ultimately have strong effects on both your and your company’s performance:

  • Trust
  • Team Dynamics
  • Utilizing own and others’ strengths
  • Handling weaknesses
  • Responsibility Taking
  • Leadership
  • Shared Analytical Problem-Solving Skills and Methods

The members of a topteam, of course, already possess these skills, right? For that what must not, cannot be. However, part of every good team is continuous improvement and learning as an open learning community. Furthermore, their busy schedules seem to hardly ever allow them any engagement with soft skills.

This is where the ChApp (Change App) comes into play. It supports the training of managers within their top team journeys and offers numerous lessons for these soft skills as a mobile solution on smartphones. Through audio-visual inputs, appealing, thought-provoking impulses, and challenges, the acquired knowledge is applied to daily life.

Cultural Development Using the ChApp

Are you familiar with at least some of these thoughts about cultural development?

  • “Culture? That can be everything and nothing – not tangible at all.”
  • “I know it’s important, but I still haven’t managed to make sense of this topic.”
  • “You can’t really influence business culture.”
  • “In order to change our business culture, we’d have to replace our entire staff.”

To begin with, we want to make the topic a bit catchier with the following minimal definition of business culture: “The way we do things around here”. This includes how managers lead their teams, how we treat each other and ourselves, how we make decisions, how efficient, effective, and cross-silo people work, as well as how open to new experiences and how entrepreneurial they are.

Specific Actions in the Timmermann Style

In order to develop a company culture consciously, we work very closely with our clients in a transformational relationship. Together, we set up a specific program that works through concrete measures, e.g.:

  • Cultural diagnostics
  • Topteam development and team development for pivotal teams
  • Special large group events with “moments of truth”
  • Change leader trainings
  • Training, introduction, and continuous support of a cultural ambassadors’ network
  • Shadowing and coaching for intensive work on individual change

Our psychological expertise and our change spirit help us to explain exactly why and how changes in cultural and individual patterns are possible. At the same time, we enable our clients to really understand those patterns and change themselves

The ChApp Helps with Cultural Development

The ChApp is utilized during change measures. It covers, for instance, the content of the workshops, as well as the individual coaching and team coaching. After each session, the deepening of specific topics is made possible by using the ChApp. Audio-visual inputs with thought-provoking impulses and challenges help with immediately transferring the content into the work routine. The topics within the ChApp are versatile and can be adapted to the client’s individual needs.

Key Features


News Feed and Change News

An overview page following the principle of “everything of relevance at a glance”. New modules, campaigns or lessons are displayed here. Challenges that are already under progress, as well as replies to one’s personal post in the forum will also appear in the news feed. As a business, you can pass news to all your employees, which are permanently accessible or visible for a limited time period only. This could include information on signing up for trainings, or photos from previous Change workshops.

Micro Learning and Blended Learning

Audio-visual inputs convey complex knowledge in simple ways within 3 min
Thought-provoking impulses promote cross-hierarchical communication
Challenges test the acquired knowledge in the real world


In-House Social Network

All ChApp users within a company are displayed in a contact list. This encourages the cross-hierarchical discourse without having to send “friend requests”. Via a classical feature for short messages, staff members can share their experience with challenges or discuss the currently ongoing change process. Their data and messages will be encoded and sent via servers in Germany and can never be seen by a third party.


With every completed challenge and every written contribution, learning points can be collected. The more learning points a user earns, the higher his rank gets. This levelling-system ignites a healthy ambition, even for occasional users. Furthermore, many more innovative functions are awaiting you, which will bring change into the daily lives of your employees.


NEW: Courses and Certificates

Courses enable Users to follow a given learning path with thematically similar lessons and complete a short revision of knowledge. After successfully completing the course, users get a certificate, available both online and offline. The courses and certificates range from “Change Agent” and “Scrum Master” to “Transformational Leader”.


Mit jeder abgeschlossenen Challenge und jedem geschriebenen Beitrag können Lernpunkte gesammelt werden. Je mehr Lernpunkte ein Nutzer verdient, desto höher steigt sein Rang. Dieses Levellingsystem weckt auch bei Gelegenheits-Nutzern einen gesunden Ehrgeiz. Außerdem erwarten Sie noch viele weitere innovative Funktionen, die Veränderung in den Alltag Ihrer Mitarbeiter bringen werden

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You can achieve the most effective change impact when accompanied by the ChApp for your entire change process. To enable this, your business purchases license packages for a minimum term of 6 months. People need time and patience in order to feel the effect of change and to internalize newly acquired knowledge. To ensure that the ChApp lives up to your expectations, we offer you a test version limited in time. For this, fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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